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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 SMARTWARES 776 Wired Bell Push Range BY101 BY102 BY103 Additional Bell Push available BY30. Wired converter BY32 Code Description Melody Range BY201 Portable 6 100m BY201F Portable with Flashing Light 6 100m BY202 Plug In 6 100m BY212 Twin Pack (Plug in and Portable) 6 100m BY301 Extra Loud Portable Chime + Flashing Light 8 100m Premium Range - Self Learning Code Code Description Melody Range BY101 Portable 4 60m BY102 Plug In 4 60m BY103 Plug Through 4 60m BY112 Twin Pack (Portable & Plug in) 4 60m Standard Range - Self Learning Code Code Description 2207P1BC/2207P1 Chrome / Brass 7900/7910 Black / White 7720/7730 Black / White Illuminated 7960/7960B/7960C Brushed Nickel / Brass / Chrome Illuminated 2204/2204BN/2204BC Brass / Brushed Nickel / Chrome BY301 Code Description 776 Built-in Transformer Chime 779 Transformer or Battery Operated Chime - 2 melodies 771 Transformer or Battery Operated Chime 1200 Underdome Bell - Brass 1210 Underdome Bell - Black 7770 Transformer Wirefree Door Chime Range Code Description Melody Range B304 Portable 2 50m B305 Plug In 2 50m B306 Plug Through 2 50m B322 Twin pack (Portable & plug in) 2 50m B Range - Self Learning Code B304 B305 B306 2207P1BC 7900 2204 7730 7960 Wired Chime Range 7770 1210 1200 771 779 BY201 BY201F Byron has one of the most extensive ranges of elegantly designed wireless doorbells, ranging from 50m – 100m. These wireless doorbell kits give you the flexibility to create the perfect setup for your home, whether it is a simple push and chime or you want to add a doorbell unit to our newWiFi range. Our wireless ranges give a simple to install, no fuss solution to have your new doorbell set up in minutes. The Byron classic wired doorbell range offers a more traditional feel to your door entry from the classic ding dong to the mechanical butlers bell, Byron has something for everyone.