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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 TFC GROUP LLP • Water heater timeswitch • Single/dual or twin immersion heater applications • 15 to 120 minute boost (adjustable) • Separate wall mounting base • For storage / convector heaters • Indicator lights display on - peak and boost • Contact rating - 13A • Quartz • 24 hour time control • Programmable every 15 minutes • Manual ON/OFF switch • Running reserve 72 hours • Ambient working temperature - 10°C to + 40°C Economy 7 Timer The OP-EBT2 Is a one-button 2-hour boost timer with four pre-set timed outputs. Suitable for surface installation or in-wall pattress box. The electronic timer controls an internally linked output relay, with a resistive rating of 16A. • 15 min / 30 min / 1 hr / 2 hr • 4 x wire protect screw terminals • Earth park • Weight: 150g • Temperature Rating: -10T45 • Accuracy: Typically +/- 1.0 s Electronic Boost Timer Digital Touch Screen Thermostat The OP-Touch room thermostat, specially designed to control your heating with an accurate temperature regulation, providing energy savings. A modern and flat design, as well as being easy to use is the perfect combination of temperature regulation technology and simplicity. The OP-Touch is battery powered and has backlit LCD for clear and quick display checking. Only for use in dry environments. • Touch Screen control • Electronic thermostat • For heating Installations • Precise temperature control • Large digital temperature display • Adjustment range + 5°C to + 35°C • Automatic frost protection • Combination boiler compatible • Volt free output contacts • 433MHz RF Version available Room Thermostat Digital Programmable RF Room Thermostat • Digital weekly radio frequency room thermostat clock • Battery powered transmitter • Attractive design, simple layout • Six timed temperature periods per day • Factory pre-set programme • Auto, override, fixed temperature and OFF mode selections • Slimline receiver suitable for combi boilers • RF link factory pre-installed • 5 2 days, 6 1 days, or 7 day program configuration • Switching capacity: 2A resistive • Receiver: 230V 50Hz • Set-point range: 5°C 35°C • ErP Directive (EU regulation no. 811/2013) • ErP Class 1 Contribution to system energy efficiency: 1% OP-ECOSAVE OP-TOUCH OP-TOUCHRF RF205 DUOSTAT OP-EBT2 • 230V AC 50Hz output • Frost protection adjustable between: +5° & +20°C • +1 Hour Override (Boost: 1 – 9 hour selectable) • Summer/Winter changeover • 5/2 or 7 day programming • Blue backlight • Room temperature display • Power supply: 230VAC 50/60Hz • Output contact rating at 230V AC: 3 (1) Amp Two & Three Channel Programmers PR2 Two Channel Programmer PR3 Three Channel Programmer Optimum Vibe OP-TPISTAT The Optimum Vibe is a radio frequency battery powered programmable room thermostat with touch-screen controls, providing six timed temperature periods every 24 hours. The transmitter (Tx) has a large blue backlit display and runs a pre-programmed user adjustable temperature profile. Users can just touch the up or down control icon at any time to manually adjust the current temperature setting. The receiver (Rx) control set uses the license-free 868mHz frequency, and is pre-linked in the factory. • 6 x user adjustable temperature periods • Adjustable settings: Temp levels, measured, maximum, minimum, differential, frost protection. • Backlight: auto or off. • Day selection 5&2 or 7. • Temp regulation: on/off ~ optimising ~ T.P.I. • ErP Class 4 (Contribution to system energy efficiency: 2%) • Raised dial for ease of use • Temperature control range 10°C to 30°C • Switch contacts SPDT, voltage free • Switch Rating 16A (4A) @ 230 VAC • Switching differential 0.5°C • Neutral park terminal • Class II insulation • Suitable for heating or cooling systems • 2 wire connection • Suitable for combination boilers • ErP Class 1 • Contribution to system energy efficiency: 1% STTRSN