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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 ATC Description Stainless Steel Black Painted Steel White Painted Steel High Speed Cub Hand Dryer 500/1150W Z-2651M Z-2651BL Z-2651WH Cheetah Automatic High Speed Hand Dryer 1475W Z-2281M Z-2281BL Z-2281W Panther High Speed Hand Dryer 350/1550W ATC-ZA05 Puma High Speed Hand Dryer 500-1150W Z-2000M Almeria Digital Panel Heater • Large easy to read TFT Screen with text menus • Easy to program with 2 Operating modes • Dedicated Boost facility with program advance mode • Open Window Technology – improves Energy Efficiency • 7 Year Battery Life on program and time Product Code Description DPH1000T Almeria Digital Panel Heater, 1000W DPH1500T Almeria Digital Panel Heater, 1500W DPH2000T Almeria Digital Panel Heater, 2000W Energy Efficient Products Hand Dryers ATC Cub ATC Cheetah ATC Panther ATC Puma REDUCE CO 2 EMISSIONS Conventional Hand Dryer 11.81g CO 2 per dry Paper Towel Dispenser 12.60g CO 2 per dry 2.72g CO 2 per dry 2.12g CO 2 per dry 2.30g CO 2 per dry 2.12g CO 2 per dry