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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 GLEN DIMPLEX HEATING & VENTILATION Model Output Convective Radiant Height Width Depth Weight QRAD050 0.5kW 301W 199W 546mm 513mm 105mm 7.1kg QRAD075 0.75W 551W 199W 546mm 513mm 105mm 7.1kg QRAD100 1.0kW 714W 286W 546mm 675mm 105mm 8.7kg QRAD150 1.5kW 1213W 287W 546mm 756mm 105mm 9.4kg QRAD200 2.0kW 1660W 340W 546mm 918mm 105mm 11.0kg Quantum High Heat Retention Storage Heater The Quantum provides low-cost, low carbon, electric heating that can be up to 27% cheaper to run, using up to 22% less energy than a standard storage heating system.* * Calculated using SAP 2012 – the only Government approved energy performance assessment method. Model Input Output Boost Height Width Depth Weight QM050 1.1kW 0.5kW 0.4 730mm 580mm 185mm 27.2kg QM075 1.56kW 0.7kW 0.63 730mm 703mm 185mm 24.8kg QM100 2.2kW 1.0kW 0.88 730mm 865mm 185mm 29.4kg QM150 2.76kW 1.25kW 1.13 730mm 1069mm 185mm 38kg QM200 3.3kW 1.5kW 1.3 730mm 1069mm 185mm 38.6kg Q-Rad Radiator Q-Rad is smart, sleek and intelligent and knows when to turn itself off before a room gets too hot, saving money.