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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 ROBUS VEGAS LED Single Colour, RGB and RGB+W Flexi-Strip Product Code Operating Vdc CCT Reel Length LEDs / m Watt / m IP20 RVA48302050 12V 3000K 50m 60 4.8W RVA48402050 12V 4000K 50m 60 4.8W RVA96302050 24V 3000K 50m 120 9.6W RVA96402050 24V 4000K 50m 120 9.6W RVA72RGB2050 12V RGB 50m 30 7.2W RVA14RGB2050 24V RGB 50m 60 14.4W RVA12RGBW2030-30 24V RGB + 3000K 30m 60 12W RVA12RGBW2030-40 24V RGB + 4000K 30m 60 12W IP67 RVA48306730 12V 3000K 30m 60 4.8W RVA48406730 12V 4000K 30m 60 4.8W RVA96306730 24V 3000K 30m 120 9.6W RVA96406730 24V 4000K 30m 120 9.6W RVA72RGB6730 12V RGB 30m 30 14.4W RVA14RGB6730 24V RGB 30m 60 14.4W RVA12RGBW6710-30 24V RGB + 3000K 10m 60 12W RVA12RGBW6710-40 24V RGB + 4000K 10m 60 12W Please also refer to the Vegas brochure for comprehensive additional information and compatible amplifiers, controllers and accessories This range of LED flexi-strip consists of single colour warm or neutral white, RGB or RGBW strip which can be ordered by the metre. This is a system, which when used with appropriate drivers and controllers provides a superb lighting effect for domestic, retail, commercial or entertainment venues. Accessory amplifiers allow the system to be extended to almost unlimited size. ULTIMUM Connect Tunable Fire Rated Downlight This new version of the Ultimum downlight is the first of an exciting new ROBUS Connect family of products. It combines the great performance characteristics of the Ultimum with the latest in WI-FI APP controllability using the ROBUS Connect App. This provides mobile phone and remote access control over the internet of ROBUS Connect products including on/off switching, tuneable colour temperature, dim level, grouping and scene setting and also integrates with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa WI-FI devices. Accessories: RULTRIM-03 Ultimum Trim, Chrome RULTRIM-10 Ultimum Trim, Matte Black RULTRIM-13 Ultimum Trim, Brushed Chrome Product Code Wattage CCT Trim Lumen Ultimum Connect IP65 WIFI Tunable Fire Rated Downlight RUL070WIFI-01 7W 2700/4000/6500K White 540-630lm RULTRIM-03 RULTRIM-10 RULTRIM-13 ✔ 3 YRS LED RUL070WIFI-01 Connector packs available