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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 KIDDE SAFETY Every home needs protection against the flames and smoke of accidental house fires and the toxic carbon monoxide (CO) that can leak from poorly maintained fuel burning appliances, such as boilers, gas and wood burning fires or faulty flues. Kidde Safety, manufacturers of home fire safety products, offer a wide range of premium protection products that can save lives, protect property and can boost your business. Premium Carbon Monoxide Alarms Model Description 4MCO Mains CO alarm with rechargeable lithium back-up battery 4MDCO As above with digital display PATCO Pattress for use with mains CO alarms 10LLCO 10-Year sealed-in lithium battery CO alarm 10LLDCO As above with digital display 7CO Replaceable battery CO alarm* 7DCO As above with digital display* 5CO Replaceable battery essential CO alarm Combination Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarms Model Description WFPCO Combination smoke and CO alarm with 10-year sealed-in lithium battery that never needs replacing Essential Alarm Pack The convenient solution a pair of battery alarms in one pack: 1 x 5CO carbon monoxide alarm and 1 x 29HD smoke alarm (batteries included) Model Description COSAC 5CO Carbon monoxide alarm + 29HD smoke alarm • For optimal protection fit all Kidde products as recommended by the manufacturer. • For maximum effectiveness test regularly and renew batteries frequently. • For total peace-of-mind ensure suitable products from the whole Kidde range are installed for real all-round protection. Offers detection of both smoke and carbon monoxide in a single alarm. Its sensors interact to distinguish between non-harmful cooking fumes or steam and real fires, therefore reducing nuisance alarms and making this alarm ideal for the kitchen. Fire Safety Extinguishers & Blanket Two sizes of compact fire extinguisher, ideal for home, office, car and caravan. They are A-B-C rated making them suitable for use on wood, paper, textiles, petrol, oils, paints and flammable gases. The FB1 can be used on fat pan fires (where a fire extinguisher is not recommended) and also on clothing. It is approved to BS EN 1869. Model Type KS1KG 1kg multi-purpose fire extinguisher KSPD2G 2kg multi-purpose fire extinguisher FB1 1.1m x 1.1m fire blanket KSPD2G FB1 4MDCO 10LLDCO * Approved for Boats & Caravans