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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 SPECIAL SELECTION Electrical Testers Code Description T5-600 Voltage, continuity and current tester 600V T5-1000 Voltage, continuity and current tester 1000V Code Description T90 Voltage / Continuity Tester T110 Voltage / Continuity Tester w/switchable load T130 Voltage / Continuity Tester LCD w/switchable load T150/VDE Voltage / Continuity Tester LCD, OHMS, VDE Voltage & Continuity Testers Code Description TL165 Test Probe Set T5-H5-1AC II KIT This kit includes: Fluke T5-1000; Fluke 1AC II and H5 - Holster Test Kits Multimeters and Electrical Testers T90 T130 Code Description 1AC II Fluke 1AC-II VoltAlert - detection range 200V to 1kV Voltage Testers 1AC II T5-600 TL165 T5-H5-1AC II KIT Model Description 2100-ALPHA Two pole tester LED version 2100-BETA Two pole tester LCD/LED version Voltage & Continuity Testers Model Description AMP-210-EUR 600A ac TRMS Clamp Meter Model Description AM-500-EUR Compact Digital Multimeter AM-510-EUR 600V Digital Multimeter (Residential/Commercial) AM-520-EUR 600V Digital Multimeter min/max memory AM-540-EUR 1000V Digital Multimeter HVAC & Industrial Multimeters Clamp Meter AM-500-EUR Fluke is extending its 2 year standard manufacturer product warranty for defects (relating to materials and workmanship used to produce such products) on Beha-Amprobe 2100-ALPHA abd 2100-BETA products to 4 years. 2100 ALPHA 2100 BETA