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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 Description Cat. No. 16 Module, 10 Free Ways, 5+5 BV1044 18 Module, 12 Free Ways, 6+6 BV1045 22 Module, 16 Free Ways, 8+8 BV1046 Description Cat. No. 16 Module, 10 Free Ways, 2+4+4 BV2034 18 Module, 12 Free Ways, 2+5+5 BV2035 22 Module, 16 Free Ways, 2+7+7 BV2036 Dual RCD Enclosures High Integrity Enclosures Shower Unit and Garage Units Description Cat. No. Shower Unit 3 Module, IP65 BV1092 Garage Units 4 Module, IP40 BV1081 4 Module, IP65 BV1086 DETA ELECTRICAL Protect+ range of domestic circuit protection, providing a high quality and versatile solution for any domestic installation whilst offering home occupiers maximum protection against short circuits, circuit overloads and residual earth leakage within the home. The range meets the requirements of the 18th Edition IET Wiring Regulations (BS 7671:2018) and is comprised of safe and stylish Vimark enclosures and a wide selection of devices, including MCBs, RCBOs and SPDs. Accessories including DIN rail mounted blanks and locks complete the range, ensuring safety by protecting live parts and restricting unauthorised access to circuits. Products in the Protect+ range are guaranteed for 10 years. Circuit Protection BV1086 • 100A Mains Switch and 2 x 80A 30mA Type AC RCDs • Steel enclosure with curved lid • Round knockouts on top, bottom and side walls • Oval knockouts on back wall • Lockable lid (lock available separately) • Supplied with circuit identification label sheet • In compliance with BS EN 61439-3 and IET Wiring Regulations • Shower Unit populated with 63A 30mA Type AC RCD and 50A MCB • Garage Units populated with 63A 30mA Type AC RCD and 1 x 32A MCB + 1 x 6A MCB • IP65 enclosure has cable entries on all side walls • In compliance with BS EN 61439-3 and IET Wiring Regulations MCBs Type B Description Cat. No. 6A 6kA B1206 10A 6kA B1210 16A 6kA B1216 20A 6kA B1220 32A 6kA B1232 40A 6kA B1240 45A 6kA B1245 50A 6kA B1250 63A 6kA B1263 RCBOs Type B RCDs Description Cat. No. Type AC 63A 30mA B1606 80A 30mA B1607 100A 30mA B1608 Type A 100A 30mA B1622 SPD Kit Description Cat. No. SPD Type 2 Kit B1951 Accessories Description Cat. No. 6A 30mA 6kA B1506 16A 30mA 6kA B1516 20A 30mA 6kA B1520 25A 30mA 6kA B1525 32A 30mA 6kA B1532 40A 30mA 6kA B1540 50A 30mA 6kA B1550 • SPD, 2 module width plus 1 module MCB • Suitable for single phase TNS and TT earthing systems • Supplied with 32A Type B 10kA MCB for overcurrent protection • Visual Indication window for normal operation or fault status • For installation in DETA Consumer Units • In compliance with BS EN 61643-11 Description Cat. No. Consumer Unit Door Lock B1703 Label Sheet B1704 High Integrity Conversion Kit B1705 Oval Knockout Grommet B1706 1 Module Blank Plastic Din Rail Mounting B1711 BV1092 Vimark